ABITrailers by ASCOM distributed by Gineico


MBT200 ABI Motorised Hardstand Trailer gets to work straight away!

The Challenge: Murphy Shiplifts in Hervey Bay wanted to increase the efficiency of the hardstand area and free up the boat hoist so the facility can lift more vessels.

But how? was the question.

The Solution: Our Italian made 200t motorised hardstand trailer was the answer.

The hydraulic full function trailer with adjustable width and custom designed hydraulic telescopic support pads, is capable of safely and quickly taking any shape and size of vessel from the boat hoist slings, to anywhere in the facility and place the vessel down within inches of the next vessel!

This means fast, safe boat movements and the ability to place boats right next to each other means significantly reduced space between vessel when they are on the hardstand, thereby increasing the capacity of the hardstand area by over 30%!

Contact our team today to discuss your facility and how one of our custom machines can improve your profits.

ABITrailers by ASCOM distributed by Gineico_Murphy Slipways in Harvey Bay

Remarkable technology from ABI Trailers by ASCOM ensures movement of heavy equipment
is smooth, easy and safe.

ABITrailer MBT200 Murphy Slipways in Harvey Bay by ASCOM distributed by Gineico_2
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