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BHT75 Designed for market leading manoeuvrability, Transport NSW

BHT75 Designed for market leading manoeuvrability, Tweed Heads

The Challenge:  Transport NSW recently completed the build of a new haul out and maintenance facility at Tweed Heads, which is on the border with Queensland.

The site is extremely small by industry standards and the challenge was therefore to find a boat hoist with market leading manoeuvrability to ensure the limited hardstand area could accommodate as many vessels as possible.

The Solution: 
The Ascom BHT75 – it delivered the perfect package.

AUTEC remote control operation, laser assisted steering, slewing davit to the top beam and lifting points that are adjustable fore and aft to accommodate a wide range of vessels, makes this machine the perfect choice for the facility which began operation in October 2023.

GC Marine are the licensed operators managing the site for Transport NSW.


Ascom hoists are the market leading option for anyone looking for a machine that specifically suits their existing site. Unlike other brands, our machines can be totally customised to ensure the purchaser receives a machine that delivers better return on investment with little to no need for expensive modifications to your existing site.

Remarkable technology from ASCOM ensures movement of heavy equipment is smooth, easy and safe.

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