AerLift-ASCOM Civil Construction Rail Mounted Gantry Crane

Hunter Valley Alliance Expressway Development: Theiss

The heavy weight lifter - the ASCOM SC110T Straddle Carrier

The development of the Hunter Valley Alliance Expressway Project had at its core an ASCOM 110T Straddle Carrier.

During a concentrated period of 16 months, the ASCOM 110T

  1. worked 20 hours a day, and
  2. completed approximately 10,000 lift and transfer procedural movements in excess of 760 concrete segments weighing from 48t to 108t.

The process involved the SC110t ASCOM Straddle Carrier moving each segment on an average of 5 times, and it worked successfully for 9,600 hours over that 16 months.

The Rubber Tyre Straddle Carrier was specified for this Theiss project by ASCOM.

After the completion of the HVA Newcastle Expressway Project, the Model SC110T Straddle Carrier was purchased by VSL Australia from THIESS. It has been integral to the successful execution of 4 major infrastructure projects in New South Wales, the latest of which is a new bridge build construction at Batemans Bay on the NSW South Coast.

The ASCOM specialist lifting technology assets can be employed to handle generators, engines, moulds, machinery, grids, pipes, steel structures, blocks, plates and pillars.

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