New Ascom BHT75 boat hoist and KT38 towed amphibious trailer

Hart Marine Yarringa (Vic) Takes Delivery Of The New Ascom Bht75 Boat Hoist And Kt38 Towed Amphibious Trailer.

Two shiny new machines have arrived at the Hart Marine facility in Yarringa Victoria…..

On the 16th of September 2021 our technician completed the assembly, load testing and commissioning of two new pieces of Ascom equipment at the new Hart Marine facility.

The first is a BHT75. This 75t boat hoists features all-wheel steering, AUTEC remote control, digital weighing system and custom stroke. The machine also has an extended rear cross beam so that sailing vessels can be lifted without the need to de-rig. This significantly increases speed and productivity.

The second is the KT38. This 38t towed amphibious trailer boasts hydraulically variable width, the latest design in telescopic double twin-pads which offer very wide contact surfaces to significantly reduce the stress on point loading on the hull. The trailer also boasts AUTEC remote control and most importantly is hot galvanised to ensure market leading corrosion resistance.

These two machines are the latest Ascom arrivals in Australia. The KT38 in particular is an important sale. It is the first towed amphibious trailer supplied by Ascom in Australia and further proof of the unbeatable quality and value of Ascom equipment.

We invite you to contact our team to discuss your machinery requirements.

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